Rotor System USA Power Batting System Stride Plate Training Extension


The PBS Stride Plate Foot extension is designed to combine with the Power Batting System base to create a batting swing training system that helps players of all ages learn and work on the fundamentals of powerful batting. Comes with Rotor System USA Bat Rack designed to securely hold up to 12 baseball or softball bats.

The PBS Foot Extension connects to the Power Batting System base to help players learn the proper foot placement, balance, and stride length, for optimal batting performance. 

  • Helps teach proper stride length
  • Increases stability and balance
  • Keeps young player from “reaching for the ball”
  • Used by experienced athletes work on fundamentals
  • Adjustable Foot Stop for athletes of all heights
  • Connects to the Power Batting System to create a complete training tool
  • Includes: Two 13” long by 11” wide connecting plates, one foot stop, and two anchors for outdoor use
  • Made in Italy by Rotor System USA
  • Power Batting System  sold separately


Paolo Di Prima is an international investor and innovator. His companies include investments in multi- national real estate, manufacturing, design, motorcycle accessories and sports products.   Paolo is always seeking the best in everything he does by bringing his commitment to quality and value to all of his companies.

In 2019 Paolo Di Prima and his father began working on the original design of the Power Batting System. They spent hundreds of hours, working on every aspect of the design, testing different prototypes with players and coaches, and sourcing the best materials for the construction before they felt the product was ready for distribution. The result is a lightweight system that can be used by anyone from youth to pro-level athletes where you will experience an unprecedented level of feel in your swing. 

The Power Batting System is undoubtedly one of the most innovative performance training aids on today's market. It provides players with an immediate connection between what they are doing and how powerful their swing really was, which can't be found in any other product currently available! The ease of portability means you can use it anywhere; home, batting cags, or on the baseball field.

During the testing process for the Power Batting System, Paolo realized the need for better batting tees. Working closely with designers, sports professionals, coaches and players he had created a line of batting tees that are unmatched in quality and performance - gaining the attention of professional athletes and sports retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods.

There are few things in the world that are more respected than American ingenuity, Swiss engineering, and Italian design. These three things are synonymous with top quality, and it is no surprise that they are often used together to create some of the finest products in the world. From watches to cars, there are few industries where these three terms are not held in high regard. Rotor Systems USA is proud to stand by it’s product design with the end-user in mind.

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Rotor System USA

With the ultimate goal in mind of Building A Powerful Swing, the Power Batting System & Rotor System correct weight distribution, maximizes hip rotation, and teaches the athlete to drive the baseball with POWER.

By forcing athletes at all levels to isolate the muscles necessary for a proper batting stance, the Power Batting System teaches both young players to develop their skills and helps more experienced players work on their fundamentals.

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Build A Powerful Swing

All of our products focus on building a proper stance, correcting weight distribution, and maximizing hip rotation; all fundamentals to building a powerful swing.

Join the Rotor System USA family today with our product line specifically designed to help you or your athletes excel.