Rotor System USA Baseball / Softball Bat Rack - Holds 12 Bats on Wall or Fence

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High quality bat rack designed to securely hold up to 12 baseball or softball bats indoors or outdoors. Mount on the wall for gym and home storage or take to the dugout for safely storing bats during the game or practice.

  • Portable 
  • Proprietary hook system ensures the rack hangs securely on the fence – even when fully loaded
  • High grade polymer will not break, bend or fold 
  • Unlike steel bat racks  the Rotor System USA bat rack will not rust or damage wood or metal bats.
  • Easy Installation – includes mounting hardware Made in Italy by Rotor System USA
  • Made in Italy by Rotor System USA

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Customer Reviews

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Peter G.
best buy

The stability and adjustability of the tees ensure a consistent and perfect swing every time, helping me improve my batting skills effortlessly.


The adjustable height and angle features allow me to customize my training sessions to target specific areas of my swing, helping me address weaknesses and maximize my strengths.

Worth every penny!

spectacular tee, this will last a long time! Works well for kids and adults!my 2 kids ,they use it every day, I had to buy the second one for my other son 10/10

Perfect for my 14 year old son

This what we needed for our son to practice him batting. Him batting coach wanted him to start hitting 100 balls a day. Nice and sturdy, holds up to him hitting it and knocking it over. No issues with it falling down or breaking, easy to setup

Mike G.
Cheap and easy

I waited for this review cause usually I want to see the result in long terms. Well, this tee survived at least 4000 hit from different students of my classes.
I really recommend it!