Rotor System USA BT366 COMBO Training Combo Plus Stride Plate Extension

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Our ultimate training combo package brings together all of the essentials for swing performance training by combining our bestselling BT3 Combo with the Stride Plate Extension. Designed to be used anywhere you want to train - at the batting cage, on the field, even in the backyard. All products are designed to be used by both baseball and softball players.


Our Patented Power Batting System (PBS300) helps players improve batting accuracy and power by learning the proper stance and core balance for the most powerful swing.  Designed for use by both baseball and softball players. Can be used indoors or outdoors - anywhere you want to practice!

The Stride Plate Extension (R366-10) adds the ability to practice optimal stride length when hitting when attached to the Power Batting System. The Stride Plate extension works best when used on a flat surface such as the batting cage or indoor practice facility. 

The BT366 is the perfect tee for use on the field or in the cage. The unique design and materials make it lightweight, easy to assemble, and extremely  durable making it the perfect travel tee for any player or team. Our proprietary Tee top is designed to stand hit after hit without needing to be replaced. 

  • Fully adjustable stem(25" - 35") 
  • Stem design prevents slippage during practice
  • Easy to assemble and take down
  • Proprietary Flex top holds both baseballs and softballs and provides the perfect amount of support and flex.
  • Intended for use on grass, sand, carpet and in batting cages. Add a non slip mat under the tee if using on concrete.

The BR12 Bat Rack holds 12 baseball or softball bats securely on a fence or mounted on the dugout wall.

All combos include the Power Batting System, Stride Plate Foot Extensions and Bat Rack.  Designed to help both baseball and softball players work on core balance and weight distribution for a more powerful swing

All products are manufactured by Rotor System USA in our factories in Italy for the highest guaranteed quality and performance

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Build A Powerful Swing

All of our products focus on building a proper stance, correcting weight distribution, and maximizing hip rotation; all fundamentals to building a powerful swing.

Join the Rotor System USA family today with our product line specifically designed to help you or your athletes excel.

Customer Reviews

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I bought the combo and it is so worth it!!

Very good

I bought the combo for my daughter and she’s loved it.


I bought the combo for my son and he’s been using it everyday. He loves it!!

amazing quality great combination

I bought the BT366 Combo a month ago for my grandson enjoys this product. Good quality product. Has held up well.

Heavy duty batting tee 366

This tee is good quality. It’s very durable a the height adjustments is great for my 19-year-old . It’s easy to put together.