Rotor System USA BT266 Deluxe Baseball / Softball Batting Tee

Type: Batting Tee

The BT266 - Deluxe Batting Tee is the perfect Batting Tee for players of all ages and makes  an ideal travel tee. The design of the base keeps the tee steady even when used by  players with a strong swing.  The easy to assemble design makes it the perfect travel Tee. Designed for use by both baseball and softball players.

  • Fully adjustable stem(25" - 35") 
  • Stem design prevents slippage during practice
  • Easy to assemble and take down
  • Proprietary Flex top holds both baseballs and softballs and provides the perfect amount of support and flex.
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Ergonomically designed base provides the stability of much larger and heavier bases. The footprint of 12.75 x 10.50 makes it perfect for travel when needed.
  • Intended for use on grass, sand, carpet and in batting cages. Do not use directly on concrete.
  • Made in Italy by Rotor System USA

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Worth To buy the COMBO

This was a Christmas gift for son 14 yr old and it is really cool! It is well made, easy/simple to put together, and easy to adjust. I love that That’s important to me and my family since they outgrow things so quickly! I highly recommend this COMBO Rotor System USA Baseball and Softball Training Set