Rotor System USA Power Batting Training System for Baseball and Softball

Type: Training
Color - Blue

It's one thing to hit a ball and another to drive a baseball with power!

The Power Batting System is designed to help players of all ages maximize the power in their swing by learning to isolate the muscles necessary for the proper stance and balance  and use their lower body for maximizing the power of their batting swing. Comes with Rotor System USA Bat Rack designed to securely hold up to 12 baseball or softball bats.

  • Designed to be used by young players to help develop their skills and by more experienced  players who want to work on fundamentals
  • For use on the field or in the batting cage (or the backyard)
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • For baseball and softball 
  •  Pairs with the PBS Foot Extension to create a complete training system
  • Made in Italy by Rotor System USA

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Build A Powerful Swing

All of our products focus on building a proper stance, correcting weight distribution, and maximizing hip rotation; all fundamentals to building a powerful swing.

Join the Rotor System USA family today with our product line specifically designed to help you or your athletes excel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews

Got the combo unit and very much recommend

Chris Bigby
Great idea and simple to use

I have my little league boys using the system and it helps them learn to move their hips and keep their weight back. There are some changes I would make to the system and the actual rotation platform, but that’s just me. Overall I recommend using it.

Jose Fernandez

Rotor System USA Training Combo with Stride Plate


I initially got the combo u it for my son, and it's really been helping him improve his skills! I definitely recommend it!

Very happy with purchase

The kids use it often, and it's still working perfectly without any complaints from them, which shows how effective and high-quality it is.